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How do you put together an Antillean party buffet?

door Linda Terrizzi

An Antillean party naturally includes delicious Antillean snacks, snacks, dishes and cakes. And whether you're looking for a tasty combination of dishes for a simple birthday or for an elaborate wedding… it's quite an art to put together such a buffet. 

We are therefore often asked whether we can help with this. Or maybe we know which Antillean snacks you can present together. And of course which you can best prepare in terms of time schedule together.

When we offered Antillean catering, we did not do anything different. We liked to put together beautiful menus and buffets. In this way we ensured successful parties with an Antillean touch. In this article you will find our best tips to get started with a buffet yourself.

Once you understand what to look out for, you can endlessly vary with our delicious Antillean recipes.

Antillean snacks: sweet and savory

In our opinion it is wise to be the first to make a nice combination of both sweet and savory Antillean dishes. This way you keep the buffet nice and varied.

For myself, I always keep the following rule when it comes to a birthday or evening party:

1 cake, 2 sweet things and 3 snacks.

Are the guests supposed to have a full meal, for example at a wedding? Then the line becomes:

1 cake, 2 sweet things, 3 dishes and 4 snacks.

Simple and effective! With such a structure you are always in the right place when it comes to an Antillean party.

Antillean bolo di cashupete cashewpete cashew pie antilles curaçao

The Antillean party cake

The pie. He is actually always # 1 in the list. No Antillean party without a cake, right? Traditionally, the cashew nut cake your best choice of course. This 'queen of the Antillean cakes' will make your party a guaranteed success.

But if you don't feel like making such an elaborate cake, or you have to think about a budget: don't worry! In that case, our pineapple pie a perfect choice. This cake is made quickly, does not need to be decorated and is also very cheap in terms of ingredients.

Of course you can also make or order one of our other delicious cakes. Enough choice! By the way, did you know that we never cut our cakes (at parties)? They are far too powerful for that. With a round cake we first draw a circle from the center and then cut the cake into thin slices.

cutting schedule for Antillean cakes how do I cut an Antillean cake bolo di cashupete manteka

We have made a handy cutting schedule for this (see figure above). If you want, you can download it and print it out. Click here to download the cutting schedule.

Sweet things: small cakes or sweets

Second on my list I write 'sweet things'. You can take this broadly. For example, you can choose 2 types of small pastries. Think about:

You can also choose from our large collection traditional sweets. If you have a sugar thermometer, you can easily make it in a pan. ko'i lechi (powdered sweets) has been made even easier: you don't have to heat it at all!

The great thing about these sweet treats is that they can all be made ahead of time and - with the exception of kesio! - don't have to stay refrigerated.

Antillean pastechi Keshi karni tuna bakijou galinja galiña pie recipe

Snacks or pasa palu

Traditional Antillean festivals always have an assortment with 'pasa palu'. These are our snacks or appetizers. You can present these snacks by type, or (even more fun!) place a large, flat bowl with mixed snacks.

You can enjoy many of our snacks prepare in advance and bake later in a deep fryer or a wok with hot oil. Some snacks that are suitable for baking together and then offering them are:

Always keep hot and cold snacks separate. This prevents hot snacks from cooling too quickly and cold snacks from becoming lukewarm. It is also not smart to offer fried snacks together with snacks that have a sauce, such as pica balls. It is best to offer these in a separate bowl, so that the fried snacks do not get moist.

Antillean dishes

Are people supposed to get a complete meal? Then you can supplement the buffet with delicious, Antillean dishes. A number of dishes lend themselves well to providing a lot of people with a tasty plate of food quickly and cheaply.

When you get a lot of guests, it is best to choose a stew + rice dish. You can make these well in advance and keep them warm in a special chafing dish. You keep these large containers warm by means of a burner. You put this under the bowl, which itself is in another bowl with water. This way you can be sure that your dishes will stay warm, but not burn when they are on the table for a long time. You can buy them or rent them for a day.

On this page you will find an overview of our best stews. Choose one of these and complement it with a rice dish such as 'arros bruá' or 'arros moro'. Earlier in the article I said that it is best to make three dishes. As a third, choose a side dish such as (raw-food or potato) salad or fried plantain. Simple, but a delicious addition!

Antillean cashew cupcakes bolo di cashupete cashewpete recipe jurino

Everything in small portions

For parties it is also nice to serve the food in portions. A large bowl with stobá or a whole bolo di cashupete is nice, but it is better for the guests when they can grab their snack immediately. So think of cupcakes instead of cakes. These little cakes can be easily picked up and even eaten with one hand.

You can turn almost any traditional Antillean cake into a delicious cupcake. In addition, a cupcake is not as heavy as a whole slice of cake. Perfect for a buffet where someone likes to taste other things. In our article about cupcakes you will find good tips for changing original recipes to this small version.

Also the pastechi may be made 'a size smaller' for a party, as well as the soseshi den mansa. For the latter you don't use whole frankfurters, but half! You do not have to change the recipes for this. After all, you will notice when the snacks are golden brown.

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