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Antillean pies

door Linda Terrizzi
Antillean pies

Antillean pies are in a class of their own. Our cakes are big, sweet and powerful! Our traditional cakes are also becoming increasingly well-known in the Netherlands. That is not surprising: they are the showpiece of our kitchen!

Preparation of Antillean pies

Many Antillean cakes are made with a 'bolo di manteka' as basis. You can easily make this cake yourself with our recipe. It's a great recipe, because you need the same amount of each ingredient. That way you can easily adapt the recipe to the size of the cake you need. The cake can then be finished with a filling of your choice.

Antillean bolo di pistacho pistachio pie

Different fillings

A traditional Antillean birthday cake is topped with a layer hard icing or with butter cream. You can also opt for a more luxurious finish, for example with cashew nuts. With that you make our traditional bolo di cashupete. Of course you will also find the recipe for the cashew filling on our site.

bolo Tue plum bolo di preimu antillean plum pie plum cake antillean food recipes jurino

Order Antillean pies

You can order the tastiest Antillean cakes at various places in the Netherlands. This is possible, for example, at Tante Suiker in Hilversum. She makes the cakes one by one with a lot of love. You can definitely see in the result that a lot of attention is paid to the quality and appearance of the cake! Because she follows our authentic recipe, we dare to guarantee the tasty Antillean cakes that she bakes.

Antillean bolo di cashupete, cashew nut pie

Antillean pie recipes

Are you looking for recipes? Then you have come to the right place with us! In the menu above you can choose the cup 'pastry'. There you will find the best recipes to try yourself. Still not enough after reading the free recipes? Then you can order one of our cookbooks from the webshop. All books contain a wide range of cake recipes that will make you lick your fingers!

Updates & new cake recipes

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