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About us: get acquainted!

door Linda Terrizzi

About Antilliaans-eten.nl

In 2012 I started this site with the aim of our 'kushina krioyo' (Creole cuisine) transfer. As a lover of cooking – and eating! – I could find all kinds of recipes from the Surinamese, Italian and Chinese cuisine on the internet, but I missed our own Antillean dishes.

I also noticed around me that Antillean cuisine in the Netherlands is still not getting the appreciation it deserves. Because I believe that hard work is better than complaining, decided to change this myself.

Within a short time, the site grew into a true success. Antilliaans-eten.nl became the most visited krioyo website and also on SOCIAL MEDIA our fan base grew steadily. People shared their recipes with us and the database expanded rapidly. With more than 200.000 monthly visitors and a whole army of Facebook & Instagram fans, Antilliaans-eten.nl has been the largest online community in the field of delicious Caribbean cooking for years.

At the end of 2015 our first book was published, 'Nos Kushina Krioyo'. In 2016 came there 'Nos Kushina Moderno' Bee. In the end we won the prestigious title at the end of the year Website of the Year in the category culinary

A year later our baking book appeared 'Hey Dushi' and in 2019 we completed our research into Caribbean cuisine with our latest, thickest and most complete book'The Complete Antillean Kitchen', by as much 300 recipes uit Aruba, Bonaire en Curaçao.

In total there are more than 30.000 copies sold! 

About Jurino

“I am a born and raised Curaçaoënnaar, built in 1981. In the year 2000 I moved to the Netherlands to study at the art academy.

Some years later I met my wife and I decided to stay permanently in the Netherlands. I have been living in Sliedrecht for 15 years now and I am the father of three children (2005, 2009 & 2012).

Unsurprisingly, I am a big fan of the culture and cuisine of the Antilles. I do my very best to document these as accurately as possible.

It hurts me sometimes to see our beautiful culture gently supplanted by a more American culture of fast food and convenience. That is why I think it is important, partly for my children, to write down as many of the authentic dishes, customs and traditions as possible.”

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It is an honor for us to be able to work so intensively on our culture and cuisine. That is why we at antilliaans-eten.nl are also open to collaborations in order to give the kushina krioyo even more publicity and appreciation. Do you have a great idea? Do not hesitate and contact us! Through email or the contact form on this page you reach us the fastest.

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